Atkins Acuity completes research into closing the infrastructure project preparation financing gap for emerging markets


As part of the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership, an OECD and World Economic Forum initiative, Atkins Acuity, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, alongside with USTDA and DBSA recently completed research into available capital sources to support infrastructure project development in ASEAN, and Africa.


The project was completed in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership (SDIP), the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA). Atkins Acuity’s scope of works includes for the survey design, and for ASEAN region, the identification of pool of capital and related stakeholders, and subsequent analysis. We also led the final report in terms of structure and content for ASEAN.


With the aim of facilitating the closure of the infrastructure project preparation funding gap, the work which centred around a survey will be launched and freely accessible to project developers later this year as an online database.

Marie Lam-Frendo, Project Director and Head of Asia Pacific at Atkins Acuity, said: “Infrastructure development is key to economic growth, in particular for emerging markets like ASEAN and Africa. It is estimated that the need for infrastructure financing in ASEAN will be USD 2.8 trillion until 2030. Investors, however, often cite the lack of bankable or investment-ready infrastructure projects as the main reason why private capital is not flowing as expected to developing countries. The project looks to address this issue through raising awareness of possible sources and nature of capital which is available to assist projects to progress to bankability, and to highlight possible financing gaps and overlaps in preparation capital, to provide more comprehensive and effective support.”

Stephanie Tseng, Atkins Acuity’s Project Manager, said: “capitalising on the breadth and depth of technical expertise and the wealth of experience in delivering some of the world’s most complex infrastructure projects of our Group, our infrastructure financing team brings comprehensive insights to the project. We’re pleased to be part of this very meaningful project which helps unlock the potential of infrastructure investments, and ultimately bring significant economic and social benefit to societies.”


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